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Artificial Intelligence Inspired Intelligent Trust Based Routing Algorithm for IoT


Kajol Rana, Ajay Vikram Singh, P. Vijaya


Vol. 23  No. 11  pp. 149-161


Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new concept that has gained immense popularity in a short period of time due to its wide applicability in making human life more convenient and automated. As an illustration: the development of smart homes, smart cities, etc. However, it is also accompanied by a substantial number of risks and flaws. IoT makes use of low-powered devices, so secure, less time-consuming and energy-intensive transmission (routing) of messages due to the limited availability of energy is one of the many and most significant concerns for IoT developers. The following paper presents a trust-based routing scenario for the Internet of Things (IoT) that exploits the past transmission record from the cupcarbon simulator's log files. Artificial Neural Network is used to quantify knowledge of trust, calculate the value of trust, and share this information with other network devices. As a human behavioural pattern, trust provides a superior method for making routing decisions. If there is a tie in the trust values and no other path is available, the remaining battery power is used to break the tie and make a forwarding decision; this is also seen as a more efficient use of the available resources. The proposed algorithm is observed to have superior energy consumption and routing decisions compared to conventional routing algorithms, and it improves the communication pattern.


ANN, Routing Algorithm, Sensors, Low Power Devices..