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A Review on Preserving Data Confidentiality in Blockchain-based IoT-Supply Chain Systems


Omimah Alsaedi, Omar Batarfi, Mohammed Dahab


Vol. 23  No. 11  pp. 110-116


Data confidentiality refers to the characteristic that information kept undisclosed or hidden from unauthorized parties. It considered a key security requirement in current supply chain management (SCM) systems. Currently, academia and industry tend to adopt blockchain and IoT technologies in order to develop efficient and secure SCM systems. However, providing confidential data sharing among these technologies is quite challenging due to the limitations associated with blockchain and IoT devices. This review paper illustrates the importance of preserving data confidentiality in SCM systems by highlighting the state of the art on confidentiality-preserving methodologies in the context of blockchain based IoT-SCM systems and the challenges associated with it.


Blockchain, Supply Chain, SCM, IoT, Confidentiality