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Sorting Instagram Hashtags all the Way throw Mass Tagging using HITS Algorithm


D.Vishnu Vardhan, Mrs. Dr.CH.Aparna


Vol. 23  No. 11  pp. 93-98


Instagram is one of the fastest-growing online photo social web services where users share their life images and videos with other users. Image tagging is an essential step for developing Automatic Image Annotation (AIA) methods that are based on the learning by example paradigm. Hashtags can be used on just about any social media platform, but they're most popular on Twitter and Instagram. Using hashtags is essentially a way to group together conversations or content around a certain topic, making it easy for people to find content that interests them. Practically on average, 20% of the Instagram hashtags are related to the actual visual content of the image they accompany, i.e., they are descriptive hashtags, while there are many irrelevant hashtags, i.e., stop-hashtags, that are used across totally different images just for gathering clicks and for search ability enhancement. Hence in this work, Sorting instagram hashtags all the way through mass tagging using HITS (Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search) algorithm is presented. The hashtags can sorted to several groups according to Jensen-Shannon divergence between any two hashtags. This approach provides an effective and consistent way for finding pairs of Instagram images and hashtags, which lead to representative and noise-free training sets for content-based image retrieval. The HITS algorithm is first used to rank the annotators in terms of their effectiveness in the crowd tagging task and then to identify the right hashtags per image.


Instagram, Automatic Image Annotation (AIA), Hastags, Hyperlinked-Induced Topic Search (HITS) algorithm.