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Sentiment Analysis to Evaluate Different Deep Learning Approaches


Sheikh Muhammad Saqib and Tariq Naeem


Vol. 23  No. 11  pp. 83-92


The majority of product users rely on the reviews that are posted on the appropriate website. Both users and the product's manufacturer could benefit from these reviews. Daily, thousands of reviews are submitted; how is it possible to read them all? Sentiment analysis has become a critical field of research as posting reviews become more and more common. Machine learning techniques that are supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised have worked very hard to harvest this data. The complicated and technological area of feature engineering falls within machine learning. Using deep learning, this tedious process may be completed automatically. Numerous studies have been conducted on deep learning models like LSTM, CNN, RNN, and GRU. Each model has employed a certain type of data, such as CNN for pictures and LSTM for language translation, etc. According to experimental results utilizing a publicly accessible dataset with reviews for all of the models, both positive and negative, and CNN, the best model for the dataset was identified in comparison to the other models, with an accuracy rate of 81%.


Deep Learning, LSTM, CNN, RNN, GRU, Machine Learning, Supervised and Un-Supervised Learning