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Features of the Discussion Method in the Training of Students in the Context of Distance Learning


Irina Gladilina, Svetlana Sergeeva, Lyudmila Pankova, Vladimir Kolesnik, Ekaterina Svishcheva


Vol. 23  No. 11  pp. 77-82


The article considers online discussion as an interactive learning method in the conditions of distance learning. The essence of discussion and the stages of its organization are described. The main objective of discussion in distance learning is defined as the stimulation of interest in learning and the involvement of various viewpoints in an active discussion of the stated problems. The key role in ensuring the efficiency of a discussion is identified. The article develops a model for organizing asynchronous online discussions on the Moodle platform, highlighting the sequence of stages and their content. An experimental study of the use of the discussion method in the training of students in distance learning conditions is carried out. Based on the results of the methodological experiment, conclusions are drawn about student interest in online discussions. The authors conclude that the interest of students of different specialties in asynchronous online discussions varies, and the greatest interest is demonstrated by linguistics students. Nevertheless, the differences in student interest in online discussions by groups (specialties) are more likely attributable to subjective factors, which do not affect the overall picture in a major way.


discussion, online discussion, information and communication technologies, students, Moodle.