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Development of User Subscription Services in E-Commerce: Effects on Consumer Behavior


Irina Gladilina, Gennady Degtev, Evgeniy Kochetkov, Elena Tretyak, Diana Stepanova, Lyailya Mutaliyeva


Vol. 23  No. 11  pp. 53-56


The trend of satisfying consumer needs (payment for mobile communication, music services, cab ordering, banking products, and food delivery) on a unified online platform has shaped a digital ecosystem, an instrument creating a unified space of economic interaction. Representatives of e-commerce are major stakeholders in the development of such tools. In particular, subscription services (multiservice subscriptions) allow users to create their own ecosystems based on their personal preferences. The rate of subscription service use is growing around the world, yet understanding of the peculiarities of development of this e-commerce sphere is limited due to insufficient research.The study aims to determine the motives and barriers to the use of subscription services (multiservice subscriptions) by consumers and their relationship with consumer characteristics.Proceeding from an online survey of 200 users, the study determines the relationship between the gender and income of consumers and their use of subscription services, motives and motivators for using subscription services, and barriers to the choice of a particular subscription service. The obtained results may serve as a basis for managerial decisions in e-commerce and for improving the effectiveness of marketing solutions.


multiservice subscription; services; commerce; digital ecosystem.