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A Multi-Class Classifier of Modified Convolution Neural Network by Dynamic Hyperplane of Support Vector Machine


Nur Suhailayani Suhaimi, Zalinda Othman, Mohd Ridzwan Yaakub


Vol. 23  No. 11  pp. 21-31


In this paper, we focused on the problem of evaluating multi-class classification accuracy and simulation of multiple classifier performance metrics. Multi-class classifiers for sentiment analysis involved many challenges, whereas previous research narrowed to the binary classification model since it provides higher accuracy when dealing with text data. Thus, we take inspiration from the non-linear Support Vector Machine to modify the algorithm by embedding dynamic hyperplanes representing multiple class labels. Then we analyzed the performance of multi-class classifiers using macro-accuracy, micro-accuracy and several other metrics to justify the significance of our algorithm enhancement. Furthermore, we hybridized Enhanced Convolution Neural Network (ECNN) with Dynamic Support Vector Machine (DSVM) to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the classifier towards multi-class text data. We performed experiments on three hybrid classifiers, which are ECNN with Binary SVM (ECNN-BSVM), and ECNN with linear Multi-Class SVM (ECNN-MCSVM) and our proposed algorithm (ECNN-DSVM). Comparative experiments of hybrid algorithms yielded 85.12 % for single metric accuracy; 86.95 % for multiple metrics on average. As for our modified algorithm of the ECNN-DSVM classifier, we reached 98.29 % micro-accuracy results with an f-score value of 98 % at most. For the future direction of this research, we are aiming for hyperplane optimization analysis.


multi-class classification; enhanced convolution neural network; dynamic support vector machine.