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FinTech in Saudi Arabia: A user experience analysis of FinTech platforms


Abdulhadi M. Eidaroos


Vol. 23  No. 9  pp. 177-185


The global FinTech industry has experienced significant growth, with key projects developing the financial sector. In Saudi Arabia, startups have used technology to offer FinTech services. In this area, it is important to investigate the usability of platforms that offer FinTech services. This research aims to examine the usability of samples of Saudi FinTech websites and identify design issues impacting user experience. Usability testing was conducted on the websites of two FinTech firms identified design issues, including navigation problems on the homepage and a lack of transparency in displaying investment details, negatively impacting end users. Employing usability methods can assist in enhancing the development of FinTech platforms and addressing these issues. This study contributes to a deeper understanding of FinTech usability problems and the user experience, enabling advancements in the industry.


FinTech; users experience; usability methods; user testing; Saudi Arabia.