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Conflict Resolution: Analysis of the Existing Theories and Resolution Strategies in Relation to Face Recognition


A. A. Alabi, B. S. Afolabi, B. I. Akhigbe, A. A. Ayoade


Vol. 23  No. 9  pp. 166-176


A scenario known as conflict in face recognition may arise as a result of some disparity-related issues (such as expression, distortion, occlusion and others) leading to a compromise of someone’s identity or contradiction of the intended message. However, addressing this requires the determination and application of appropriate procedures among the various conflict theories both in terms of concepts as well as resolution strategies. Theories such as Marxist, Game theory (Prisoner’s dilemma, Penny matching, Chicken problem), Lanchester theory and Information theory were analyzed in relation to facial images conflict and these were made possible by trying to provide answers to selected questions as far as resolving facial conflict is concerned. It has been observed that the scenarios presented in the Marxist theory agree with the form of resolution expected in the analysis of conflict and its related issues as they relate to face recognition. The study observed that the issue of conflict in facial images can better be analyzed using the concept introduced by the Marxist theory in relation to the Information theory. This is as a result of its resolution strategy which tends to seek a form of balance as result as opposed to the win or lose case scenarios applied in other concepts. This was also consolidated by making reference to the main mechanisms and result scenario applicable in Information theory.


Conflict Resolution, Conflict Theory, Facial Images, Disparity, Expression, Recognition