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A Novel Technique for Detection of Repacked Android Application Using Constant Key Point Selection Based Hashing and Limited Binary Pattern Texture Feature Extraction


MA Rahim Khan and Manoj Kumar Jain


Vol. 23  No. 9  pp. 141-149


Repacked mobile apps constitute about 78% of all malware of Android, and it greatly affects the technical ecosystem of Android. Although many methods exist for repacked app detection, most of them suffer from performance issues. In this manuscript, a novel method using the Constant Key Point Selection and Limited Binary Pattern (CKPS: LBP) Feature extraction-based Hashing is proposed for the identification of repacked android applications through the visual similarity, which is a notable feature of repacked applications. The results from the experiment prove that the proposed method can effectively detect the apps that are similar visually even that are even under the double fold content manipulations. From the experimental analysis, it proved that the proposed CKPS: LBP method has a better efficiency of detecting 1354 similar applications from a repository of 95124 applications and also the computational time was 0.91 seconds within which a user could get the decision of whether the app repacked. The overall efficiency of the proposed algorithm is 41% greater than the average of other methods, and the time complexity is found to have been reduced by 31%. The collision probability of the Hashes was 41% better than the average value of the other state of the art methods.


App Repacking, Android Malware, Obfuscation, KeyPoint Selection, Limited Binary Pattern, Collision probability.