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A Novel Node Management in Hadoop Cluster by using DNA


Balaraju.J and Dr.PVRD.Prasada Rao


Vol. 23  No. 9  pp. 134-140


The distributed system is playing a vital role in storing and processing big data and data generation is speedily increasing from various sources every second. Hadoop has a scalable, and efficient distributed system supporting commodity hardware by combining different networks in the topographical locality. Node support in the Hadoop cluster is rapidly increasing in different versions which are facing difficulty to manage clusters. Hadoop does not provide Node management, adding and deletion node futures. Node identification in a cluster completely depends on DHCP servers which managing IP addresses, hostname based on the physical address (MAC) address of each Node. There is a scope to the hacker to theft the data using IP or Hostname and creating a disturbance in a distributed system by adding a malicious node, assigning duplicate IP. This paper proposing novel node management for the distributed system using DNA hiding and generating a unique key using a unique physical address (MAC) of each node and hostname. The proposed mechanism is providing better node management for the Hadoop cluster providing adding and deletion node mechanism by using limited computations and providing better node security from hackers. The main target of this paper is to propose an algorithm to implement Node information hiding in DNA sequences to increase and provide security to the node from hackers.


Distributed System, Hostname, Hadoop, MAC, Node, DNA sequences.