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Phrase-Chunk Level Hierarchical Attention Networks for Arabic Sentiment Analysis


Abdelmawgoud M. Meabed, Sherif Mahdy Abdou, and Mervat Hassan Gheith


Vol. 23  No. 9  pp. 120-128


In this work, we have presented ATSA, a hierarchical attention deep learning model for Arabic sentiment analysis. ATSA was proposed by addressing several challenges and limitations that arise when applying the classical models to perform opinion mining in Arabic. Arabic-specific challenges including the morphological complexity and language sparsity were addressed by modeling semantic composition at the Arabic morphological analysis after performing tokenization. ATSA proposed to perform phrase-chunks sentiment embedding to provide a broader set of features that cover syntactic, semantic, and sentiment information. We used phrase structure parser to generate syntactic parse trees that are used as a reference for ATSA. This allowed modeling semantic and sentiment composition following the natural order in which words and phrase-chunks are combined in a sentence. The proposed model was evaluated on three Arabic corpora that correspond to different genres (newswire, online comments, and tweets) and different writing styles (MSA and dialectal Arabic). Experiments showed that each of the proposed contributions in ATSA was able to achieve significant improvement. The combination of all contributions, which makes up for the complete ATSA model, was able to improve the classification accuracy by 3% and 2% on Tweets and Hotel reviews datasets, respectively, compared to the existing models.


Artificial neural networks, Computational linguistics, Machine learning, Natural language processing, Natural languages, Neural networks, Sentiment analysis.