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Attention-based CNN-BiGRU for Bengali Music Emotion Classification


Subhasish Ghosh and Md. Omar Faruk Riad


Vol. 23  No. 9  pp. 47-54


For Bengali music emotion classification, deep learning models, particularly CNN and RNN are frequently used. But previous researches had the flaws of low accuracy and overfitting problem. In this research, attention-based Conv1D and BiGRU model is designed for music emotion classification and comparative experimentation shows that the proposed model is classifying emotions more accurate. We have proposed a Conv1D and Bi-GRU with the attention-based model for emotion classification of our Bengali music dataset. The model integrates attention-based. Wav preprocessing makes use of MFCCs. To reduce the dimensionality of the feature space, contextual features were extracted from two Conv1D layers. In order to solve the overfitting problems, dropouts are utilized. Two bidirectional GRUs networks are used to update previous and future emotion representation of the output from the Conv1D layers. Two BiGRU layers are conntected to an attention mechanism to give various MFCC feature vectors more attention. Moreover, the attention mechanism has increased the accuracy of the proposed classification model. The vector is finally classified into four emotion classes: Angry, Happy, Relax, Sad; using a dense, fully connected layer with softmax activation. The proposed Conv1D+BiGRU+Attention model is efficient at classifying emotions in the Bengali music dataset than baseline methods. For our Bengali music dataset, the performance of our proposed model is 95%.


Conv1D; BiGRU; Attention; Bengali music; MFCCs.