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Delay and Doppler Profiler based Channel Transfer Function estimation for 2x2 MIMO Receivers in 5G System Targeting a 500km/h Linear Motor Car


Suguru Kuniyoshi, Rie Saotome, Shiho Oshiro, and Tomohisa Wada


Vol. 23  No. 9  pp. 8-16


In Japan, high-speed ground transportation service using linear motors at speeds of 500 km/h is scheduled to begin in 2027. To accommodate 5G services in trains, a subcarrier spacing frequency of 30 kHz will be used instead of the typical 15 kHz subcarrier spacing to mitigate Doppler effects in such high-speed transport. Furthermore, to increase the cell size of the 5G mobile system, multiple base station antennas will transmit identical downlink (DL) signals to form an expanded cell size along the train rails. In this situation, the forward and backward antenna signals are Doppler-shifted in opposite directions, respectively, so the receiver in the train may suffer from estimating the exact Channel Transfer Function (CTF) for demodulation. In a previously published paper, we proposed a channel estimator based on Delay and Doppler Profiler (DDP) in a 5G SISO (Single Input Single Output) environment and successfully implemented it in a signal processing simulation system. In this paper, we extend it to 2x2 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) with spatial multiplexing environment and confirm that the delay and DDP based channel estimator is also effective in 2x2 MIMO environment. Its simulation performance is compared with that of a conventional time-domain linear interpolation estimator. The simulation results show that in a 2x2 MIMO environment, the conventional channel estimator can barely achieve QPSK modulation at speeds below 100 km/h and has poor CNR performance versus SISO. The performance degradation of CNR against DDP SISO is only 6dB to 7dB. And even under severe channel conditions such as 500km/h and 8-path inverse Doppler shift environment, the error rate can be reduced by combining the error with LDPC to reduce the error rate and improve the performance in 2x2 MIMO. QPSK modulation scheme in 2x2 MIMO can be used under severe channel conditions such as 500 km/h and 8-path inverse Doppler shift environment.


5G, 5th Generation Mobile Communication System, MIMO, Multiple Input Multiple Output, Channel estimation, Delay and Doppler profiler I. Introduction