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A Visualization Based Analysis on Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithms for Optical Networks


Kamran Ali Memon, Khalid Husain Mohmadani, Saleemullah Memon, Muhammad Abbas


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 204-209


Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) methods in telecommunication network & systems have emerged with mechanisms for sharing limited resources in a rapidly growing number of users in today’s access networks. Since the DBA research trends are incredibly fast-changing literature where almost every day new areas and terms continue to emerge. Co - citation analysis offers a significant support to researchers to distinguish intellectual bases and potentially leading edges of a specific field. We present the visualization based analysis for DBA algorithms in telecommunication field using mainstream co-citation analysis tool?CiteSpace and web of science (WoS) analysis. Research records for the period of decade (2009-2018) for this analysis are sought from WoS. The visualization results identify the most influential DBA algorithms research studies, journals, major countries, institutions, and researchers, and indicate the intellectual bases and focus entirely on DBA algorithms in the literature, offering guidance to interested researchers on more study of DBA algorithms.


component; Dynamic bandwidth allocation, Citespace, Document co-citation analysis, Citation burst, emerging trends