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Impact on Requirement Elicitation Process when Transforming Software from Product Model to a Service Model


Sameen Fatima, Amna Anwer and Adil Tareen


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 199-203


Influential trend that widely reflected the software engineering industry is service oriented architecture. Vendors are migrating towards cloud environment to benefit their organization. Companies usually offer products and services with a goal to solve problems at customer end. Because customers are more interested in solution of their problem rather than focusing on products or services. In software industry the approach in which customers’ problems are solved by providing services is known as software as a service. However, software development life cycle encounters enormous changes when migrating software from product model to service model. Enough research has been done on the overall development process but a limited work has been done on the factors that influence requirements elicitation process. This paper focuses on those changes that influence requirement elicitation process and proposes a systematic methodology for transformation of software from product to service model in a successful manner. The paper then elaborates the benefits that inherently come along with elicitation process in cloud environment. The paper also describes the problems during transformation. The paper concludes that requirement engineering process turn out to be more profitable after transformation of traditional software from product to service model.


Software as a Service (SaaS), Requirement Engineering process, Requirement elicitation