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Using Machine Learning Technique for Analytical Customer Loyalty


Mohamed M. Abbassy


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 190-198


To enhance customer satisfaction for higher profits, an e-commerce sector can establish a continuous relationship and acquire new customers. Utilize machine-learning models to analyse their customer's behavioural evidence to produce their competitive advantage to the e-commerce platform by helping to improve overall satisfaction. These models will forecast customers who will churn and churn causes. Forecasts are used to build unique business strategies and services offers. This work is intended to develop a machine-learning model that can accurately forecast retainable customers of the entire e-commerce customer data. Developing predictive models classifying different imbalanced data effectively is a major challenge in collected data and machine learning algorithms. Build a machine learning model for solving class imbalance and forecast customers. The satisfaction accuracy is used for this research as evaluation metrics. This paper aims to enable to evaluate the use of different machine learning models utilized to forecast satisfaction. For this research paper are selected three analytical methods come from various classifications of learning. Classifier Selection, the efficiency of various classifiers like Random Forest, Logistic Regression, SVM, and Gradient Boosting Algorithm. Models have been used for a dataset of 8000 records of e-commerce websites and apps. Results indicate the best accuracy in determining satisfaction class with both gradient-boosting algorithm classifications.


Satisfaction forecasting, Churn forecasting, Machine Learning, e-commerce.