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Ontology Based-Security Issues for Internet of Thing (IoT): Ontology Development


Amir Mohamed Talib


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 168-176


The use of sensors and actuators as a form of controlling cyber-physical systems in resource networks has been integrated and referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). However, the connectivity of many stand-alone IoT systems through the Internet introduces numerous security challenges as sensitive information is prone to be exposed to malicious users. In this paper, IoT based-security issues ontology is proposed to collect, examine, analyze, prepare, acquire and preserve evidence of IoT security issues challenges. Ontology development has consists three main steps, 1) domain, purpose and scope setting, 2) important terms acquisition, classes and class hierarchy conceptualization and 3) instances creation. Ontology congruent to this paper is method that will help to better understanding and defining terms of IoT based-security issue ontology. Our proposed IoT based-security issue ontology resulting from the prot?g? has a total of 44 classes and 43 subclasses.


Internet of Thing (IoT), Data Security, Information Security , Cyber Security, Ontology, Prot?g? and Web Ontology Language