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Modelling Civic Problem-Solving in Smart City Using Knowledge-Based Crowdsourcing


Syed M. Ali Kamal, Nadeem Kafi, Fahad Samad, Hassan Jamil Syed, Muhammad Nauman Durrani


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 146-158


Smart City is gaining attention with the advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ICT provides the basis for smart city foundation; enables us to interconnect all the actors of a smart city by supporting the provision of seamless ubiquitous services and Internet of Things. On the other hand, Crowdsourcing has the ability to enable citizens to participate in social and economic development of the city and share their contribution and knowledge while increasing their socio-economic welfare. This paper proposed a hybrid model which is a compound of human computation, machine computation and citizen crowds. This proposed hybrid model uses knowledge-based crowdsourcing that captures collaborative and collective intelligence from the citizen crowds to form democratic knowledge space, which provision solutions in areas of civic innovations. This paper also proposed knowledge-based crowdsourcing framework which manages knowledge activities in the form of human computation tasks and eliminates the complexity of human computation task creation, execution, refinement, quality control and manage knowledge space. The knowledge activities in the form of human computation tasks provide support to existing crowdsourcing system to align their task execution order optimally.


Human Computation; Machine Computation; Crowdsourcing; Knowledge Space; Hybrid Model; Smart City.