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Institutional Information Management and Automation System


M.Ahmad Nawaz Ul Ghani, Taimour Nazar, Syed Zeeshan Hussain Shah Gellani, Zaman Ashraf


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 107-112


World is moving towards digitization at a rapid pace, so the enterprises have developed information systems for management of their business. Empowering educational institutes with information systems are become very important and vital. Doing everything manually is very difficult for students, teachers and staff. Information system can enhance their efficiency and save a lot of time; this research proposed system will solve this issue by providing services like class room reservation, e-library facility, online submission etc. in a secured environment. Up till now limited attention has been paid to utilize robots and drones for automation inside educational institutes. Our proposed system incorporates robots and drones to fill this gap in automation being used in institutes. Through this research, the aim is to improve the efficiency of learning and services in educational institutions or universities.


information system, digitization, services, automation, drone, robotics