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Detecting Stress Based Social Network Interactions Using Machine Learning Techniques


S.Rajasekhar and K.Ishthaq Ahmed


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 101-106


In this busy world actually stress is continuously grow up in research and monitoring social websites. The social interaction is a process by which people act and react in relation with each other like play, fight, dance we can find social interactions. In this we find social structure means maintain the relationships among peoples and group of peoples. Its a limit and depends on its behavior. Because relationships established on expectations of every one involve depending on social network. There is lot of difference between emotional pain and physical pain. When you feel stress on physical body we all feel with tensions, stress on physical consequences, physical effects on our health. When we work on social network websites, developments or any research related information retrieving etc. our brain is going into stress. Actually by social network interactions like watching movies, online shopping, online marketing, online business here we observe sentiment analysis of movie reviews and feedback of customers either positive/negative. In movies there we can observe peoples reaction with each other it depends on actions in film like fights, dances, dialogues, content. Here we can analysis of stress on brain different actions of movie reviews. All these movie review analysis and stress on brain can calculated by machine learning techniques.


Emotional intelligence, stress analysis, movie reviews, impression management, social networks, Machine learning.