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Building a Dynamic Analyzer for CUDA based System




Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 77-84


The utilization of GPUs on general-purpose computers is currently on the rise due to the increase in its programmability and performance requirements. The utility of tools like NVIDIA’s CUDA have been designed to allow programmers to code algorithms by using C-like language for the execution process on the graphics processing units GPU. Unfortunately, many of the performance and correctness bugs will happen on parallel programs. The CUDA tool support for the parallel programs has not yet been actualized. The use of a dynamic analyzer to find performance and correctness bugs in CUDA programs facilitates the execution of sophisticated processes, especially in modern computing requirements. Any race conditions bug it will impact of program correctness and the share memory bank conflicts to improve the overall performance. The technique instruments the programs in a way that promotes accessibility of the memory locations accessed by different threads well as to check for any bugs in the code of a program. The instrumented source code will be used initiated directly in the device emulation code of CUDA to send report for the user about all errors. The current degree of automation helps programmers solve subtle bugs in highly complex programs or programs that cannot be analyzed manually.


CUDA programs, GPU, Dynamic Analyzer, software testing, Race conditions, bank conflicts.