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An Interactive Multi-Factor User Authentication Framework in Cloud Computing


Elsayed Mostafa, M.M. Hassan, Wael Said


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 63-76


Identity and access management in cloud computing is one of the leading significant issues that require various security countermeasures to preserve user privacy. An authentication mechanism is a leading solution to authenticate and verify the identities of cloud users while accessing cloud applications. Building a secured and flexible authentication mechanism in a cloud computing platform is challenging. Authentication techniques can be combined with other security techniques such as intrusion detection systems to maintain a verifiable layer of security. In this paper, we provide an interactive, flexible, and reliable multi-factor authentication mechanisms that are primarily based on a proposed Authentication Method Selector (AMS) technique. The basic idea of AMS is to rely on the user's previous authentication information and user behavior which can be embedded with additional authentication methods according to the organization's requirements. In AMS, the administrator has the ability to add the appropriate authentication method based on the requirements of the organization. Based on these requirements, the administrator will activate and initialize the authentication method that has been added to the authentication pool. An intrusion detection component has been added to apply the users’ location and users’ default web browser feature. The AMS and intrusion detection components provide a security enhancement to increase the accuracy and efficiency of cloud user identity verification.


Cloud authentication, multi-factor authentication, authentication factors, cloud intrusion detection, and user behavior