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Malware Classification using Dynamic Analysis with Deep Learning


Asad Amin, Muhammad Nauman Durrani, Nadeem Kafi, Fahad Samad, Abdul Aziz


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 49-62


There has been a rapid increase in the creation and alteration of new malware samples which is a huge financial risk for many organizations. There is a huge demand for improvement in classification and detection mechanisms available today, as some of the old strategies like classification using mac learning algorithms were proved to be useful but cannot perform well in the scalable auto feature extraction scenario. To overcome this there must be a mechanism to automatically analyze malware based on the automatic feature extraction process. For this purpose, the dynamic analysis of real malware executable files has been done to extract useful features like API call sequence and opcode sequence. The use of different hashing techniques has been analyzed to further generate images and convert them into image representable form which will allow us to use more advanced classification approaches to classify huge amounts of images using deep learning approaches. The use of deep learning algorithms like convolutional neural networks enables the classification of malware by converting it into images. These images when fed into the CNN after being converted into the grayscale image will perform comparatively well in case of dynamic changes in malware code as image samples will be changed by few pixels when classified based on a greyscale image. In this work, we used VGG-16 architecture of CNN for experimentation.


Malware Classification, SimHash, Hashing, Opcodes, Deep Learning Models, CNN, VGG 16.