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Development of a Mobile Application for Effective Mental Health Intervention


Mousab Issa Alhamada, *, Khairayu Badron


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 33-39


The global surge in depression and anxiety, intensified by challenges such as cost and stigma, emphasizes the pressing need for accessible, evidence-based digital solutions. The research centers on the creation of a mobile application specifically designed to address mental health challenges. By integrating cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and features like appointment bookings and mindfulness feedback tools, the app is positioned to improve user outcomes. Utilizing platforms like React Native and React, combined with NestJS for enhanced back-end security, the application adheres to the rigorous standards required for mental health interventions. Collaborative efforts with experts, notably the counseling unit of IIUM, ensure the app's alignment with contemporary best practices and research. Preliminary findings indicate a promising tool with the potential to address the global mental health treatment disparity.


Mental health, Depression, Anxiety, Digital interventions, Mobile application, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Mindfulness React Native, React Dashboard tools