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Emotion Recognition in Arabic Speech from Saudi Dialect Corpus Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms


Hanaa Alamri and Hanan S. Alshanbari


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 9-16


Speech can actively elicit feelings and attitudes by using words. It is important for researchers to identify the emotional content contained in speech signals as well as the sort of emotion that resulted from the speech that was made. In this study, we studied the emotion recognition system using a database in Arabic, especially in the Saudi dialect, the database is from a YouTube channel called Telfaz11, The four emotions that were examined were anger, happiness, sadness, and neutral. In our experiments, we extracted features from audio signals, such as Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient (MFCC) and Zero-Crossing Rate (ZCR), then we classified emotions using many classification algorithms such as machine learning algorithms (Support Vector Machine (SVM) and K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN)) and deep learning algorithms such as (Convolution Neural Network (CNN) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)). Our Experiments showed that the MFCC feature extraction method and CNN model obtained the best accuracy result with 95%, proving the effectiveness of this classification system in recognizing Arabic spoken emotions.


Speech Emotion Recognition, Arabic speech, Saudi dialect, KNN, SVM, CNN, LSTM.