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A Novel Method for Robots to Provide First Aid to Injured People Inside the Mines Using GIS Technology


Eman Galaleldin Ahmed Kalil


Vol. 23  No. 8  pp. 1-8


The artificial intelligence of robot is the weakness of digital intelligence of a person who able to train, self-realize and to develop competences, creative, professional and behavioral skills. A new methodology proposed for managing robots inside the mines using an electronic system designed for driving robots to injured people in seas, mines or wells who can not be reached by human force. This paper also explains the concept of managing and remote-controlling the process of searching and helping the injured. The user controls the robot through an application that receives all the reports that the robot sends from the injured person. The robot’s tasks are to take a sample of the blood of the injured person, examine it, and measure the percentage of oxygen underground and send it to the user who directs the robot to pump a specific percentage of oxygen to the injured person. The user can also communicate with the person The patient and determine his condition through the camera connected to the robot equipped with headphones to communicate with the injured and the user can direct the camera of the robot and take x-rays from the injured.


artificial intelligence, robots, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), First Aid..