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Android Malware Detection using Machine Learning Techniques KNN-SVM, DBN and GRU


Sk Heena Kauser, V.Maria Anu


Vol. 23  No. 7  pp. 202-209


Android malware is now on the rise, because of the rising interest in the Android operating system. Machine learning models may be used to classify unknown Android malware utilizing characteristics gathered from the dynamic and static analysis of an Android applications. Anti-virus software simply searches for the signs of the virus instance in a specific programme to detect it while scanning. Anti-virus software that competes with it keeps these in large databases and examines each file for all existing virus and malware signatures. The proposed model aims to provide a machine learning method that depend on the malware detection method for Android inability to detect malware apps and improve phone users' security and privacy. This system tracks numerous permission-based characteristics and events collected from Android apps and analyses them using a classifier model to determine whether the program is good ware or malware. This method used the machine learning techniques KNN-SVM, DBN, and GRU in which help to find the accuracy which gives the different values like KNN gives 87.20 percents accuracy, SVM gives 91.40 accuracy, Naive Bayes gives 85.10 and DBN-GRU Gives 97.90. Furthermore, in this paper, we simply employ standard machine learning techniques; but, in future work, we will attempt to improve those machine learning algorithms in order to develop a better detection algorithm.


Android Malware, Codes Vulnerability, Malware Detection, Machine Learning, Smartphones.