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Creation of High-Quality Abstractions in Software Engineering


Alexey Razumowsky


Vol. 23  No. 7  pp. 193-201


Abstraction is the cornerstone of ideal software engineering (SWE). This paper discusses a problem of forming reasonable generalizations, representations and descriptions in various software development processes through the prism of poor-quality (rash, unconsidered, uncertain and harmful) abstractions. To do this, emphasis is made on an induced strategic connection between the required abstraction and its compact specific formulation based on existing research and the author's introspective experience. A software aim point and characteristic preservation of the solution integrity is the subject of the best formulation and a program module or code associated with it. Moreover, a personal attitude expressed by personal interest, motivation and creativity, is proclaimed to be a fundamental factor in successful software development.


abstraction; purposefulness; integrity; software engineering.