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Precision Agriculture using Internet of Thing with Artificial Intelligence-A Systematic Literature Review


Noureen Fatima, Kainat Fareed Memon, Zahid Hussain Khand, Sana Gul, Manisha Kumari, and Ghulam Mujtaba Sheikh


Vol. 23  No. 7  pp. 155-164


Machine learning with its high precision algorithms, Precision agriculture (PA) is a new emerging concept nowadays. Many researchers have worked on the quality and quantity of PA by using sensors, networking, machine learning (ML) techniques, and big data. However, there has been no attempt to work on trends of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, dataset and crop type on precision agriculture using internet of things (IoT). This research aims to systematically analyze the domains of AI techniques and datasets that have been used in IoT based prediction in the area of PA. A systematic literature review is performed on AI based techniques and datasets for crop management, weather, irrigation, plant, soil and pest prediction. We took the papers on precision agriculture published in the last six years (2013-2019). We considered 42 primary studies related to the research objectives. After critical analysis of the studies, we found that crop management; soil and temperature areas of PA have been commonly used with the help of IoT devices and AI techniques. Moreover, different artificial intelligence techniques like ANN, CNN, SVM, Decision Tree, RF, etc. have been utilized in different fields of Precision agriculture. Image processing with supervised and unsupervised learning practice for prediction and monitoring the PA are also used. In addition, most of the studies are forfaiting sensory dataset to measure different properties of soil, weather, irrigation and crop. To this end, at the end, we provide future directions for researchers and guidelines for practitioners based on the findings of this review.


Precision Agriculture, Smart Agriculture, Agricultural Forecasting, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Internet of things