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Use of Blockchain to Support the Security of Internet of Things-A Review


Saher Un Nisa, Maryam Khalid


Vol. 23  No. 7  pp. 149-154


Internet of Things (IoT) is now spreading everywhere. It’s the technology of every person’s need so we can’t step back from IoT but we can secure it as it is spreading quickly so it has greater chances of danger and being misused. There is an urgent need to make IoT devices secure from getting cracked or hacked. A lot of methods had tried and still trying to mitigate IoT security issues. In this paper Blockchain is going to be the solution of most of the IoT issues or problems .We have discussed or highlighted security issues with centralized IoT and then provided solution of such security challenges through the use of blockchain because is based on a decentralized technology that is hard to modify or update.


IoT (Internet of things), security, Privacy, Blockchain , Centralized , Decentralized.