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Energy Efficient Software Development Techniques for Cloud based Applications


Aeshah A. Alsayyah and Shakeel Ahmed


Vol. 23  No. 7  pp. 119-130


Worldwide organizations use the benefits offered by Cloud Computing (CC) to store data, software and programs. While running hugely complicated and sophisticated software on cloud requires more energy that causes global warming and affects environment. Most of the time energy consumption is wasted and it is required to explore opportunities to reduce emission of carbon in CC environment to save energy. Many improvements can be done in regard to energy efficiency from the software perspective by considering and paying attention on the energy consumption aspects of software's that run on cloud infrastructure. The aim of the current research is to propose a framework with an additional phase called parameterized development phase to be incorporated along with the traditional Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) where the developers need to consider the suggested techniques during software implementation to utilize low energy for running software on the cloud and contribute in green computing. Experiments have been carried out and the results prove that the suggested techniques and methods has enabled in achieving energy consumption.


Cloud Computing, Energy-efficient, Software Development Life cycle, Parameterized development, Green computing.