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Design Patterns for Building Context-Aware Transactional Services in PaaS-Enabled Systems


Ettazi Widad, Riane Driss, Nassar Mahmoud


Vol. 23  No. 7  pp. 91-100


Pervasive computing is characterized by a key characteristic that affects the operating environment of services and users. It places more emphasis on dynamic environments where available resources continuously vary without prior knowledge of their availability, while in static environments the services provided to users are determined in advance. At the same time, Cloud computing paradigm introduced flexibility of use according to the user’s profile and needs. In this paper, we aimed to provide Context-Aware Transactional Service applications with solutions so that it can be integrated and invoked like any service in the digital ecosystem. Being able to compose is not enough, each service and application must be able to offer a well-defined behavior. This behavior must be controlled to meet the dynamicity and adaptability necessary for the new user’s requirements. The motivation in this paper is to offer design patterns that will provide a maximum of automatism in order to guarantee short reaction times and minimal human intervention. Our proposal includes a cloud service model by developing a PaaS service that allows CATS adaptation. A new specification for the validation of CATS model has been also introduced using the ACTA formalism.


Context-awareness, Pervasive Computing, PaaS, Transactional Service, ACTA, Cloud Service Model.