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Enhanced Graph-Based Method in Spectral Partitioning Segmentation using Homogenous Optimum Cut Algorithm with Boundary Segmentation


S. Syed Ibrahim and Dr. G. Ravi


Vol. 23  No. 7  pp. 61-70


Image segmentation is a very crucial step in effective digital image processing. In the past decade, several research contributions were given related to this field. However, a general segmentation algorithm suitable for various applications is still challenging. Among several image segmentation approaches, graph-based approach has gained popularity due to its basic ability which reflects global image properties. This paper proposes a methodology to partition the image with its pixel, region and texture along with its intensity. To make segmentation faster in large images, it is processed in parallel among several CPUs. A way to achieve this is to split images into tiles that are independently processed. However, regions overlapping the tile border are split or lost when the minimum size requirements of the segmentation algorithm are not met. Here the contributions are made to segment the image on the basis of its pixel using min-cut/max-flow algorithm along with edge-based segmentation of the image. To segment on the basis of the region using a homogenous optimum cut algorithm with boundary segmentation. On the basis of texture, the object type using spectral partitioning technique is identified which also minimizes the graph cut value.


.Image segmentation, graph-based approach, pixel, region and texture, boundary segmentation, graph cut value.