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Arbitration Award via Modern Technical means in Saudi Arabia


Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman Alnasyan


Vol. 23  No. 7  pp. 32-38


This study deals with arbitration award via modern technical means; because e-Arbitration is deemed to be one of the most important substitute means for the settlement of disputes arising from electronic transactions. This type of arbitration is characterized by fast settlement of disputes, as well as fast enforcement of awards rendered thereon. The researcher seeks to indicate the content of the award, the conditions for rendering it, and to analyze the legal provisions related to its legal basis in the Saudi Law of Arbitration. This study shows that an arbitration award, rendered via modern technical means has a number of advantages, such as fast settlement, less cost, and keeping pace with modern technology, which is an aim of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. The study also points out certain problems facing arbitration via technical means; however, the most important of which is the insufficiency of some legal rules associated with traditional arbitration, as contained in the Saudi Law of Arbitrator, which are incompatible with or applicable to an arbitration award which is rendered via modern means.


Arbitration, Arbitration Award, Modern Technical, Award.