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A Modified Delay and Doppler Profiler based ICI Canceling OFDM Receiver for Underwater Multi-path Doppler Channel


Catherine Akioya, Shiho Oshiro, Hiromasa Yamada, Tomohisa Wada


Vol. 23  No. 7  pp. 1-8


An Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) based wireless communication system has drawn wide attention for its high transmission rate and high spectrum efficiency in not only radio but also Underwater Acoustic (UWA) applications. Because of the narrow sub-carrier spacing of OFDM, orthogonality between sub-carriers is easily affected by Doppler effect caused by the movement of transmitter or receiver. Previously, Doppler compensation signal processing algorithm for Desired propagation path was proposed. However, other Doppler shifts caused by delayed Undesired signal arriving from different directions cannot be perfectly compensated. Then Receiver Bit Error Rate (BER) is degraded by Inter-Carrier-Interference (ICI) caused in the case of Multi-path Doppler channel. To mitigate the ICI effect, a modified Delay and Doppler Profiler (mDDP), which estimates not only attenuation, relative delay and Doppler shift but also sampling clock shift of each multi-path component, is proposed. Based on the outputs of mDDP, an ICI canceling multi-tap equalizer is also proposed. Computer simulated performances of one-tap equalizer with the conventional Time domain linear interpolated Channel Transfer Function (CTF) estimator, multi-tap equalizer based on mDDP are compared. According to the simulation results, BER improvement has been observed. Especially, in the condition of 16QAM modulation, transmitting vessel speed of 6m/s, two-path multipath channel with direct path and ocean surface reflection path; more than one order of magnitude BER reduction has been observed at CNR=30dB.


Underwater Acoustic Communication, OFDM, Channel Estimation, modified Delay and Doppler Profiler