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Monitoring People’s Emotions and Symptoms after COVID-19 vaccine


Najwa N. Alshahrani, Sara N. Abduljaleel, Ghidaa A. Alnefaiy, and Hanan S. Alshanbari


Vol. 23  No. 6  pp. 202-206


Today, social media has become a vital tool. The world communicates and reaches the news and each other’s opinions through social media accounts. Recently, considerable research has been done on analyzing social media due to its rich data content. At the same time, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has afflicted so many around the world, the search for a vaccine has been intense. There have been many studies analyzing people's feelings during a crisis. This study aims to understand people's opinions about available Coronavirus vaccines through a learning model that was developed for this purpose. The dataset was collected using Twitter’s streaming Application Programming Interface (API) , then combined with another dataset that had already been collected. The final dataset was cleaned, then analyzed using Python. Polarity and subjectivity functions were used to obtain the results. The results showed that most people had positive opinions toward vaccines in general and toward the Pfizer one. Our study should help governments and decision-makers dispel people's fears and discover new symptoms linked to those listed by the World Health Organization.


COVID-19; Vaccine; Sentiment analysis; social media; Twitter; Tweets