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A Survey of Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in Healthcare Systems


Adwan Alownie Alanazi


Vol. 23  No. 6  pp. 155-161


In the process of remarkable progress in the medical and technical field and activating the role of technology in health care services and applications, and since the safety of medical data and its protection from security violations plays a major role in assessing the security of health facilities and the safety of medical servers Thus, it is necessary to know the cyber vulnerabilities in health information systems and other related services to prevent and address them in addition to obtaining the best solutions and practices to reach a high level of cybersecurity against attackers, especially due to the digital transformation of health care systems and the rest of the dealings. This research is about what cyber-attacks are and the purpose of them, in addition to the methods of penetration. Then challenges, solutions and some of the security issues will be discussed in general, and a special highlight will be given to obtaining a safe infrastructure to enjoy safe systems in return.


healthcare; cyber security; attack; malware; patient; threat; Access data; attacker; vulnerability; malicious program; approach; authentication; challenges; intruder; encryption