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Applications and Challenges of Deep Learning and Non-Deep Learning Techniques in Video Compression Approaches


Mr.K. Siva Kumar, Dr. P. Bindhu Madhavi, Dr.K.Janaki


Vol. 23  No. 6  pp. 140-146


A detailed survey, applications and challenges of video encoding-decoding systems is discussed in this paper. A novel architecture has also been set aside for future work in the same direction. The literature reviews span the years 1960 to the present, highlighting the benchmark methods proposed by notable academics in the field of video compression. The timeline used to illustrate the review is divided into three sections. Classical methods, conventional heuristic methods, and current deep learning algorithms are all used for video compression in these categories. The milestone contributions are discussed for each category. The methods are summarized in various tables, along with their benefits and drawbacks. The summary also includes some comments regarding specific approaches. Existing studies' shortcomings are thoroughly described, allowing potential researchers to plot a course for future research. Finally, a closing note is made, as well as future work in the same direction.


Video, Encoding, Decoding, Deep learning.