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Empirical Investigations to Plant Leaf Disease Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network


K. Anitha and M.Srinivasa Rao


Vol. 23  No. 6  pp. 115-120


Plant leaf diseases and destructive insects are major challenges that affect the agriculture produc tion of the country. Accurate and fast prediction of leaf diseases in crops could help to build-up a suitable treatment technique while considerably reducing the economic and crop losses. In this paper, Convolutional Neural Network based model is proposed to detect leaf diseases of a plant in an efficient manner. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is the key technique in Deep learning mainly used for object identification. This model includes an image classifier which is built using machine learning concepts. Tensor Flow runs in the backend and Python programming is used in this model. Previous methods are based on various image processing techniques which are implemented in MATLAB. These methods lack the flexibility of providing good level of accuracy. The proposed system can effectively identify different types of diseases with its ability to deal with complex scenarios from a plant’s area. Predictor model is used to precise the disease and showcase the accurate problem which helps in enhancing the noble employment of the farmers. Experimental results indicate that an accuracy of around 93% can be achieved using this model on a prepared Data Set.


Image Classifier, Tensor Flow, Predictor model, Data Set, Leaf Diseases.