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Metric based Performance Measurement of Software Development Methodologies from Traditional to DevOps Automation Culture


Poonam Narang† and Pooja Mittal


Vol. 23  No. 6  pp. 107-114


Successful implementations of DevOps practices significantly improvise software efficiency, collaboration and security. Most of the organizations are adopting DevOps for faster and quality software delivery. DevOps brings development and operation teams together to overcome all kind of communication gaps responsible for software failures. It relies on different sets of alternative tools to automate the tasks of continuous integration, testing, delivery, deployment and monitoring. Although DevOps is followed for being very reliable and responsible environment for quality software delivery yet it lacks many quantifiable aspects to prove it on the top of other traditional and agile development methods. This research evaluates quantitative performance of DevOps and traditional/ agile development methods based on software metrics. This research includes three sample projects or code repositories to quantify the results and for DevOps integrated selective tool chain; current research considers our earlier proposed and implemented DevOps hybrid model of integrated automation tools. For result discussion and validation, tabular and graphical comparisons have also been included to retrieve best performer model. This comparative and evaluative research will be of much advantage to our young researchers/ students to get well versed with automotive environment of DevOps, latest emerging buzzword of development industries.


Automation, Automation Tools, DevOps, Software Development, Tool chains