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A Proposed Model for Supply Chain using Blockchain Framework


Zenab AlSadeq, Haya Alubaidan, Alanoud Aldweesh, Atta-ur-Rahman and Tahir Iqbal


Vol. 23  No. 6  pp. 91-98


The rapid increase in the use of new technology known as 'blockchain technologies' has addressed many challenges in different areas and provided benefits to users, in this paper we discuss the field of supply chains, improve confidence and transparency between participants and stakeholders significantly also in this paper we Compare between different blockchain frameworks focusing on most popular frameworks. Moreover, we proposed a model in the supply chain using a blockchain framework, the proposed supply chain model included many different resources that help to exchange information over the network. The proposed model also includes smart contracts that maintain all rules for transactions. using blockchain technology information such as transaction details, time and money are recorded and stored within the system from the beginning of the transaction entry.


Blockchain, supply chain, framework, smart contracts, secure transactions