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Influences and Barriers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Affecting Technology Adoption in Healthcare: A Review Paper


Abdulaziz Alomari and Ben Soh


Vol. 23  No. 6  pp. 59-67


The healthcare industry continues to adopt and integrate smart technology in its operations, from medical devices to managing operations. However, the adoption curve has not been smooth, and the historical record of technology adoption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reveals the existence of both known and unknown issues. This review paper is aimed to explain the influences and barriers present in the Saudi healthcare sector affecting IoT technology adoption. A comprehensive discussion of the literature illustrated that Vision 2030, the privatisation trend, transformation in disease patterns and ageing, issues in management and increasing public awareness are the key drivers that may influence the need for the medical Internet of Things (mIoT) in Saudi healthcare. However, based on the past trend, the introduction and adoption of mIoT will likely experience issues such as non-compliance from doctors and nurses due to negative beliefs, lack of knowledge and inadequate perception of effort requirements. Thus, in-depth research of the factors associated with mIoT technology adoption is suggested for a smooth transition.


Internet of Things, Medical IoT need in KSA, Technology adoption barriers