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Integration of Blockchain and Cloud Computing in ?Telemedicine and Healthcare


Asma Albassam, Fatima Almutairi, Nouf Majoun, Reem Althukair, Zahra Alturaiki, Atta Rahman, Dania AlKhulaifi, and Maqsood Mahmud


Vol. 23  No. 6  pp. 17-26


Blockchain technology has emerged as one of the most crucial solutions in numerous industries, including healthcare. The combination of ?blockchain technology and cloud computing results in improving access to high-quality telemedicine and healthcare services. In addition to ?developments in healthcare, the operational strategy outlined in Vision 2030 is extremely essential to the improvement of the standard of ?healthcare in Saudi Arabia?. The purpose of this survey is to give a thorough analysis of the current state of healthcare technologies that are ?based on blockchain and cloud computing. We highlight some of the unanswered research questions in this rapidly expanding area and ?provide some context for them. Furthermore, we demonstrate how blockchain technology can completely alter the medical ?field and keep health ?records private; how medical jobs can detect the most critical, dangerous errors with blockchain industries. As it contributes to ?develop concerns about data manipulation and allows for a new kind of secure data storage pattern to be implemented in healthcare especially in telemedicine ?fields is discussed diagrammatically.


Blockchain, cloud computing, healthcare, ?telemedicine?, machine learning.