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Eye Blink Detection and Alarm System to Reduce Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome


Atheer K. Alsaif and Abdul Rauf Baig


Vol. 23  No. 5  pp. 193-206


In recent years, and with the increased adoption of digital transformation and spending long hours in front of these devices, clinicians have observed that the prolonged use of visual display units (VDUs) can result in a certain symptom complex, which has been defined as computer vision syndrome (CVS). This syndrome has been affected by many causes, such as light refractive errors, poor computer design, workplace ergonomics, and a highly demanding visual task. This research focuses on eliminating one of CVSs, which is the eye dry syndrome caused by infrequent eye blink rate while using a smart device for a long time. This research attempt to find a limitation on the current tools. In addition, exploring the other use cases to utilize the solution based on each vertical and needs.


Computer vision, Eye blinking, Covered face, Niqab, Yolo, CV, Computer vision syndrom