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Performance Comparison of Autoencoder based OFDM Communication System with Wi-Fi


Shiho Oshiro, Takao Toma, and Tomohisa Wada


Vol. 23  No. 5  pp. 172-178


In this paper, performance of autoencoder based OFDM communication systems is compared with IEEE 802.11a Wireless Lan System (Wi-Fi). The proposed autoencoder based OFDM system is composed of the following steps. First, one sub-carrier’s transmitter - channel ? receiver system is created by autoencoder. Then learning process of the one sub-carrier autoencoder generates constellation map. Secondly, using the plural sub-carrier autoencoder systems, parallel bundle is configured with inserting IFFT and FFT before and after the channel to configure OFDM system. Finally, the receiver part of the OFDM communication system was updated by re-learning process for adapting channel condition such as multipath channel. For performance comparison, IEEE802.11a and the proposed autoencoder based OFDM system are compared. For channel estimation, Wi-Fi uses initial long preamble to measure channel condition. but Autoencoder needs re-learning process to create an equalizer which compensate a distortion caused by the transmission channel. Therefore, this autoencoder based system has basic advantage to the Wi-Fi system. For the comparison of the system, additive random noise and 2-wave and 4-wave multipaths are assumed in the transmission path with no inter-symbol interference. A simulation was performed to compare the conventional type and the autoencoder. As a result of the simulation, the autoencoder properly generated automatic constellations with QPSK, 16QAM, and 64QAM. In the previous simulation, the received data was re-learned, thus the performance was poor, but the performance improved by making the initial value of reception a random number. A function equivalent to an equalizer for multipath channels has been realized in OFDM systems. As a future task, there is not include error correction at this time, we plan to make further improvements by incorporating error correction in the future.


Autoencoder, OFDM, Multipath, Cyclic Prefix