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Protecting Privacy of User Data in Intelligent Transportation Systems


Yazed Alsaawy, Ahmad Alkhodre, Adnan Abi Sen


Vol. 23  No. 5  pp. 163-171


The intelligent transportation system has made a huge leap in the level of human services, which has had a positive impact on the quality of life of users. On the other hand, these services are becoming a new source of risk due to the use of data collected from vehicles, on which intelligent systems rely to create automatic contextual adaptation. Most of the popular privacy protection methods, such as Dummy and obfuscation, cannot be used with many services because of their impact on the accuracy of the service provided itself, they depend on changing the number of vehicles or their physical locations. This research presents a new approach based on the shuffling Nicknames of vehicles. It fully maintains the quality of the service and prevents tracking users permanently, penetrating their privacy, revealing their whereabouts, or discovering additional details about the nature of their behavior and movements. Our approach is based on creating a central Nicknames Pool in the cloud as well as distributed sub-pools in fog nodes to avoid intelligent delays and overloading of the central architecture. Finally, we will prove by simulation and discussion by examples the superiority of the proposed approach and its ability to adapt to new services and provide an effective level of protection. In the comparison, we will rely on the well-known privacy criteria: Entropy, Ubiquity, and Performance.


privacy, intelligent transport systems, multi-layered comprehensive approach