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Channel Transfer Function estimation based on Delay and Doppler Profiler for 5G System Receiver targeting 500km/h linear motor car


Suguru Kuniyoshi, Shiho Oshiro, Gennan Hayashi, and Tomohisa Wada


Vol. 23  No. 5  pp. 121-127


A 500 km/h linear motor high speed terrestrial transportation service is planned to launch 2027 in Japan. In order to support 5G service in the train, the Sub-carrier spacing frequency of 30 kHz is planned to be used instead of common 15 kHz sub-carrier spacing to mitigate Doppler effect in such high-speed transportation. In addition, to increase the cell size of 5G mobile system, plural Base Station antenna will transmit the identical Down Link (DL) signal to form the expanded cell size along the train rail. In this situation, forward and backward antenna signals will be Doppler shifted by reverse direction respectively and the receiver in the train might suffer to estimate accurate Channel Transfer Function (CTF) for its demodulation.In this paper, Delay and Doppler Profiler (DDP) based Channel Estimator is proposed and it is successfully implemented in signal processing simulation system. Then the simulated performances are compared with the conventional Time domain linear interpolated estimator. According to the simulation results, QPSK modulation can be used even under severe channel condition such as 500 km/h, 2 path reverse Doppler Shift condition, although QPSK modulation can be used less than 200 km/h with conventional Channel estimator.


5G, 5th Generation Mobile Communication System, Channel estimation