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Review the Recent Fraud Detection Systems for Accounting Area using Blockchain Technology


Rania Alsulami, Raghad Albalawi, Manal Albalawi, Hetaf Alsugair,Khaled A.Alblowi, and Adel R. Alharbi


Vol. 23  No. 5  pp. 109-120


With the increasing interest in blockchain technology and its employment in diverse sectors and industries, including: finance, business, voting, industrial and many other medical and educational applications. Recently, the blockchain technology has played significant role in preventing fraud transactions in accounting systems, as the blockchain offers high security measurements, reduces the need for centralized processing, and blocks access to the organization information and system. Therefore, this paper studies, analyses, and investigates the adoption of blockchain technology with accounting systems, through analyzing the results of several research works which have employed the blockchain technology to secure their accounting systems. In addition, we investigate the performance of applying the deep learning and machine learning approaches for the purpose of fraud detection and classification. As a result of this study, the adoption of blockchain technology will enhance the safety and security of accounting systems, through identifying and classifying the possible frauds that may attack the accounting and business organizations.


blockchain technology, autonomous fraud detection, accounting systems, machine learning, deep learning.