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Services Quality Improvement through Control Management Cloud-Based SLA


Abel Adane


Vol. 23  No. 5  pp. 89-94


Cloud-based technology is used in different organizations around the world for various purposes. Using this technology, the service providers provide the service mainly SaaS, PaaS and while the cloud service consumer consumes the services by paying for the service they used or accessed by the principle of “pay per use”. The customer of the services can get any services being at different places or locations using different machines or electronic devices. Under the conditions of being well organized and having all necessary infrastructures, the services can be accessed suitably. The identified problem in this study is that cloud providers control and monitor the system or tools by ignoring the calculation and consideration of various faults made from the cloud provider side during service delivery. There are currently problems with ignoring the consumer or client during the monitoring and mentoring system for cloud services consumed at the customer or client level by SLA provisions. The new framework was developed to address the above-mentioned problems. The framework was developed as a unified modeling language. Eight basic components are used to develop the framework. For this research, the researcher developed a prototype by using a selected cloud tool to simulate and java programming language to write a code as well as MySQL to store data during SLA. The researcher used different criteria to validate the developed framework i.e. to validate SLA that is concerned with a cloud service provider, validate what happened when the request from the client-side is less than what is specified in SLA and above what is specified in SLA as well as implementing the monitoring mechanism using the developed Monitoring component. The researcher observed that with the 1st and 3rd criteria the service level agreement was violated and this indicated that if the Service level agreement is monitored or managed only by cloud service prover, there is a violation of LSA. Therefore, the researcher recommended that the service level agreement be managed by both cloud service providers and service consumers in the cloud computing environment.


Cloud Computing, Cloud Service Consumer, Cloud Service Provider, Service Level Agreement